42com- The Company

Founded in 2002, 42com Telecommunication GmbH is one of the leading
Information and Communication Technology (ICT) service enablers, based
in Germany. In order to gain a more dynamic international presence, the
founding of subsidiaries 42com International Inc. (USA) in 2012.

42com has more than 150 customers in more than 20 countries including
many partnerships with well-known companies.

We offer a highly accessible web-based customer management and billing
platform for technical and managerial control of advanced telecommunications
services. Our real-time billing from the cloud includes, e.g. fixed line and
VoIP telephony, interactive voice response and intelligent routing management.

Haus 42com

42com Telecommunication GmbH
Straße der Pariser Kommune 12-16
10243 Berlin

phone: +49-30-2434299-0
fax: +49-30-2434299-99

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Thomas Reinig, Alexander Reinig

Amtsgericht Berlin, HRB99071 B

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